DRET is being made into a Manga. Previous chapters (see image below) that have had incarnations as e-books will also be redone. I don't have plans to choose one particular style, though I will likely lean towards the traditional manga look. I would prefer to be flexible and use whatever style suits the best storytelling.

Because of the immense amount of work required for the DRET2 game, I decided to take a different approach which will allow me to produce content while also building assets. As I create the manga, I will also be creating content for the game. Because of this, the game itself will be less involved with the main story, so I can focus on an open ended player journey and protect the integrity of the story from player choices.

DRET has been a work in progress for several years, almost 15. It's been interesting to see how large of a detour I've made from only wanting to make comics, to making film & animation, and then games. I hope all those lessons will ultimately help me to create a grand work of art in the original medium I started. If DRET is successful as a Manga, projects like Dot Solid and Astral Saga will be moved forward in this format exclusively.

Here is page 1 as the starting point.


This is a long term project to create an open world life-building game which centers on philosophy, romance, politics, and ultimately revolution. Presently, this game's assets is being overhauled in order to achieve a more anime/2D look as shown in the test shot below.

This game is being developed on Jolt: Devastatingly Romantic Endearing Tale 2.


This game was made during a month-long game jam. I took every single moment to make sure I could deliver something I was happy with, but there's still a lot more to do and a lot more stories to tell. This will happen in the sequel... Eternity 5: Devastatingly Romantic Endearing Tale 2.

I have always had grand plans to make an open world game, possibly with multiplayer elements, in which players can progress their characters, relationships, and work towards learning+understanding more about relationships. All of the main quests will be based on true stories and provide a progressive lesson in understanding love by rationale virtues.

Despite having much of the character artwork created beforehand, I had to effectively recreate a single base model which was capable of morphing and transforming into every single character you see in the game. It was a valuable learning experience, which will help towards making the sequel so much greater.

This game can be played free on Jolt: Devastatingly Romantic Endearing Tale Prologue.


This is a short term project to create a MOBA/3P-FPS IP with some funny characters and simple gameplay.

This game is being developed on Jolt: Bite Size Soldiers.


The Vega Trinity is a virtual reality sci-fi comedy in asset pre-production.

It's a three-part tale describing the discovery and establishment of a multi-species space station.

Part 1 - Vega Rift

Concerning the advent of interstellar travel with Steed (Samuel Arroway).

Part 2 - Three

Follows Hoekje (Albert Smythe) in perils with the higher dimensional properties of phasic residue. Originally a Game Jam entry intended to demo Virtual Reality projects, this chapter is being rewritten, remastered, and inserted as the middle-section of The Vega Trinity.

Part 3 - Free Space

A non-linear adventure with Bingo (Karla Capella) in establishing a silk road with stability and peace among the complicated sociopolitical structures of an interspecies space station.


Another game jam entry. The Cyber Punk game Jam gave 10 days to make a game based on a theme image. I made this game in 6 of the days due to overlapping plans. The theme image was very important in early work on the game, but it eventually became something else entirely when patterns arrose in the evolution of the design. The result is Azeban Neon.

Somehow, I thought the main figure of the theme image looked like something from native South American tribes, but eventually google brought me to the conclusion that it better fit native North American artifacts. This was where the Cyber Punk genre overlapped into ancient mythology. I decided to make a circular sidescroller mostly due to seeing it done in modern games. The Ourobouros theme also came out of the circulur level design and it fit well into the overall work.

This Cyber Punk Jam entry can be played here for free. Azeban Neon: The Fool's Errand.


I regularly participate in game jams to test my mettle, seeing if I can finish a game in anywhere from 48 hours to a month. Sometimes, this is an exercise in seeing how fast you can do what you know, but sometimes you innovate. Platonic Dot Solid was a game I submitted for Ludum Dare 26, which has a very special place in my heart. This concept has the potential to be something unique in the platforming and puzzle genre, so I am happy to be delivering a sequel which will also feature a remake of the original game/level using the new, better performing mechanics.

The new engine with a VR tutorial and remade level can be demoed here for free. PLATONIC DOT SOLID 2.

The original game can also be downloaded free on the Google Play Store.


About two weeks after my niece was born, I spent about 3 days building a virtual baby app as a form of celebration.While there are tens of thousands that are regularly enjoying this application, there are several just-as-important users wanting the app to be more than it was, and this is reflected in the app's rating.

Version 3.0 was lost in a hard drive crash, and I have also since canceled the latest update to the game (4.2) as rebuilding the game from scratch is really just not at the top of my priority list and the game is just not bringing in income anymore.
I apologize to the people that waited, but I've decided not to further publicize my efforts in updating the game.


This project, Astral Saga: The Bard, was a project I had floating up in the top of my head for the longest time. The main thrust came out of a session of Dungeons and Dragons with my friends and I (none of us had ever played the game before then and we never played it after either).

Our Dungeon Master, Alice, has given me full permission to readapt and modify the campaign we played. She once said we were the strangest and loudest group to ever play D&D with her. She herself even said she wanted to write it, but I suppose too much time went by and she couldn't remember all of the jokes and twists we caused in her campaign. Probably because none of us knew what we were doing and performed actions that were far outside the standard gameplay parameters. As it is today, I have created a 3 season guide with a total of 60 episodes detailing the adventures of this group of characters.

The Main Characters

These characters along with WIzard's staff, who represents the grounding opinion, are consistent throughout all 3 seasons, with only the main character changing.


I came up with this idea as I thought it would be amusing to see a character like this in action. Our guyliner protagonist was later developed into a Lovecraftian antihero.

Emo Hero Chinchirorin

Released in 2010, Emo Hero Chinchirorin was my very first commercial game, a dice game which pays hommage to Suikoden, one of my most favorite and inspiring games.

The final version of this game can now be obtained for free from the Google Play store.


The Eternity Saga was originally conceived in 1996 and has undergone several iterations in response to both my own maturity and the general movement of conciousness in society. Today Eternity Saga encompasses two separate trilogies. The first trilogy is a fantasy adventure spanning all time, touching on subjects of creation, good and evil, and ascendence. The second trilogy is a tale of love, rebellion, and liberation. It should be noted that the numbering system does not reflect the entry of the story, and has deeper meaning in the actual storyworld. The first trilogy was intended to be produced as anime and is inappropriate for the video game format, so no plans for development have been made. Development on the second trilogy has halted production until more resources can be made available.

Eternity Prelude - The Brothers War

The story takes place on Earth over a hundred thousand years before the present where humanity is bred to serve the whims of an ancient amphibian race called the Nommos. The first free human society begins constructing advanced structures, which captures the attention of higher beings. The events of this story are *mostly* consistent through Eternities 1,2,3,4, and 6.

Eternity 1 - Sons of Atom Gen Haelmed (retconned)

A test tube human in the ancient past escapes and forms the first free human city of Eterniphos. Merged into The Brothers War.

Eternity 1 - Dark Knights (retconned)

A band of Knights working under the expelled Cain find a portal to Eterniphos through the realm of the dead. Merged into The Brothers War.

Eternity 1 - South to Arrata (retconned)

A princess from a faraway land falls for a young Sovereign Class Halo Knight Prince, who is betrayed by his star pupil, Ciel. This sets the stage for an invasion by his estranged Brother. Some elements merged into The Brothers War.

Eternity 2 - Pure Luck (retconned)

The story that started everything. A boy whose luck defies physics, motivating him to become a superhero, Ace Turbo. He later learns that his powers come from aliens in an ancient past.

Eternity 2 - The Ultimarukian Bible (retconned)

Ace finds a tome akin to a holy book, that describes his past life on Mars.

Eternity 2 - The Phoenix Passion (retconned)

Originally a combination of The Brother's War and some segments of The Phoenix Pattern. This story has been divided into The Brother's War, with elements from The Phoenix Pattern remerged into it.

Eternity 2 - The Phoenix Pattern

A modern romantic tragedy involving two people that were meant to be together in a past life, the capacity of one man to bring people together for a cause, and the price of turning your back on destiny.

Eternity 3 - WiseMoon

A modern fantasy about a young man who is reluctantly set on a journey that soon has him raising an army. In contrast to The Phoenix Pattern, this tale also explores the personal sacrifices of a man who embraces his destiny.

Eternity 4 - DarkMoon (retconned)

A figurative short story about the death of the steward by the hands of his lab mice. No longer a part of canon.

Eternity 5 - Devastatingly Romantic Endearing Tale 2

An open world romance and life-building game, which introduces several characters of the 5th eternity and player character customization. Make your friends, choose a side, a political platform, and try your best to keep the world of De Sagres drama-free. Progress and decisions will carry on towards consequences in Liberation Fantasy.

Eternity 5 - Liberation Fantasy

In a modern setting, humans band together in order to liberate the province of De Sagres from extradimensional Anunnaki reptilians. Saved progress from E5: DRET will affect vital story events in this Suikoden-like RPG.

Eternity 6 - The WaterPhoenix

In this sidescrolling beat 'em up, leading characters of Liberation Fantasy return to the 6th eternity to face the end of the world and defeat the Anunnaki once and for all.